TUESDAYS | 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM

Join us for an evening of


This is a donation-based session where acupuncture needles and crystal bowl sound healing vibrations tune in to heal body mind & spirit. 

We encourage you to sign up online, bring your own mat and comfortable pillow, and a journal to note down any insights from the meditation practice. 

We are launching a new Apotheque way of connecting body, mind & soul.

We believe true healing only happens when we make conscious daily decisions to support a balanced life - and we are here to help! 

Feel free to discover ancient wisdoms and daily healthy tips to support your unique constitution by reading our Lifestyle Blog. Take your Chinese element or Ayurvedic dosha quiz, learn more about our upcoming workshops or sign up for our yoga & pilates classes!

Welcome to the Apotheque Lifestyle. Enjoy the healing benefits of a balanced life! 

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