We believe social gatherings are the oldest wisdom of mankind. 

People come together to share, laugh, cry and experience a sense of connection. We are not here to live alone! So, we thought: "The Apotheque Lifestyle is not complete until we can offer a casual, comfortable place for people to hang out and experience their communities." 

Welcome to The Bunker House Cafe & Social Lounge...




Experience the Lifestyle

We Are a healing center, guided by ancient wisdoms to provide services that promote health and wellbeing.





Apotheque is a lifestyle and wellness spa devoted to cleansing, healing, and nurturing the body. Experiencing our spa treatments is the epitome of self indulgence and self care, which is everything  you deserve.

Our Oceanside spa helps clients find balance and peace with their mind, body, and soul through healing practices and self awareness. As one of the leading spas in Oceanside, CA, we are devoted to providing you with unique and innovative body treatments to cleanse you both mentally and physically.

Our number one priority is your well-being. Through unique and customized practices, we cater each treatment session to every individual and provide them with a truly unique and a one of a kind experience. We use scientific methods combined with gifts from mother nature and old world traditions to create an catered treatment plan at our wellness day spa that’s specific to you.

Let us help you uncover a balanced state of being by visiting our day spa, San Diego location. Whether you come for one of our old world remedies, classes, or workshops, we can promise you will be leaving our life day spa with a broadened perspective and relaxed state of mind.

Take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. Come to our wellness center today to see how we can help improve your sense of well-being.