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VATA            -            PITTA            -            KAPHA

  0% - 38%  |  39% - 72%  |  73% - 100%

vata dosha | creativity & movement

  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS | thin built, small shoulders, tendency to lose weight easily. small eyes. dry skin, thin hair and cold body.

  • EMOTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS | naturally agitated, creative, social and exciting. extreme ability to move through life, always happy. fast learners with little retention qualities.

  • INFLUENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS | controls movement in the body, important component to bring nutrients and oxygen to body and mind, brings energy, Cleansing and vitality to body and mind.

  • QUALITIES | light, quick, movement, liquid, cold, dry

  • BALANCED VATA | mental creativity, social and communicative nature, cleansing and vitality, properly proportionate body.

  • UNBALANCED VATA | mental anxiety, never finishes projects, excessive weight loss, coldness, no sleep / insomnia, constipation, cold feet and hands.


PITA DOSHA | leadership & transformation

  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS | medium built, strong shoulders, tendency to lose or gain weight easily. penetrating gaze. combination skin, gray hair and warm body.

  • EMOTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS | naturally convincing, organized, leadership skills. extreme ability to make things happen, always focused. quick learners with perfectionist qualities.

  • INFLUENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS | controls transformation in the body, important component to break down nutrients and eliminate toxins, creates and depletes energy, detoxification and potency to body and mind.

  • QUALITIES | hot, light, intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, acidic

  • BALANCED PITTA | sharp mind, balanced decision-making, great metabolic function, good concentration powers, orderly and focused, assertive, self-confident, and entrepreneurial, great public speakers

  • UNBALANCED PITTA | judgmental, critical, blames on others, excessive heat can show skin redness and inflammation, ulcers and heartburn, temper tantrums, impatience and anger.



  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS | strongly built, excellent stamina, tendency to gain weight easily. large, soft eyes. moist skin, thick hair and warm body.

  • EMOTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS | naturally calm, loving, tolerant and kind. extreme ability to enjoy life, content. slow learners but excellent retention qualities.

  • INFLUENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS | controls physiologic structure, important component to slow down the body and mind, brings strength, energy and natural resistance to body and mind.

  • QUALITIES | heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft, oily

  • BALANCED KAPHA | mental stability, affectionate and forgiving nature, strength and vitality, properly proportionate body.

  • UNBALANCED KAPHA | mental dullness, procrastination, excessive weight gain, coldness, excessive sleep, asthma, diabetes and depression.