Bliss - the water element


The water constitution is considered to be the most basic of all elements. Water is naturally serene and submissive; although, in excess, water can be as violent and inundating as a flood. They are sympathetic and can be slightly lazy. They are good negotiators and loyal to their work colleagues. They are aware, sensitive and sometimes psychic. Their strong point (or weakness if out of balance) is their bones. Water types love movement and their spine can be longer than normal.

Water types have a round face and body with soft-white skin. The representative organ is the kidneys and bladder. The ears are a representative for the water type and they may be predominating on the face and/or you may experience ringing in the ears when out of balance. 

The associated emotion is fear which you may experience as a first reaction to stressful situations. Excessive fear can damage the kidney and adrenal glands (located directly above the kidneys). 

The energy of water is expressed in the flow of blood and lymph fluid in the body. When there is an imbalance one can expect to see problems such as swelling and edema, especially in the lower extremities. Also you can expect problems with urinary tract irritation, impotence, low back ache and weak knees. A deficiency in the water element could lead to a lack of the ability to change, submit, or compromise.


The Bliss product line is made for this element - ocean mint scent that helps promote balance for your chi.