Freedom - the metal element


Like the element of metal those who are of this constitution have substance, structure and strength. You are meticulous, rational, independent and strong willed. Your representative organ and your strength should be your lungs and you should have a strong voice. The metal constitution is represented by the lungs, respiratory system and skin which are responsible for protecting our bodies from outside invasions. Your constitution thrives in the fall season (or is the sickest if out of balance).

The metal constitution is in the harvest portion of the developmental cycle. This means that you love to reap the benefits of your labor. You are more than willing to do what it takes to get the job done and you truly enjoy treating yourself for all your hard work.

The metal type has broad and square shoulders, a triangular white face and a strongly built body. They tend to walk slowly and deliberately. When you are out of balance you can be prone to such problems as chronic cough, infections, sinus problems, weakened immune function and the inability to defend yourself. The metal type “carries their stress” in the upper back and shoulders. You may tend to feel grief or sorrow as a first response to stressful situations as these are the associated emotions with your element.


The Freedom product line is made for this element - plum persimmon coconut scent that helps promote balance for your chi.