Intent - the earth element


Earth constitution people tend to have a strong foundation. They are grounded and are concerned with providing food, clothing, shelter and nourishment to themselves and those around them. This constitution is said to be stable, basic, centered and have deep-roots. They are calm and generous and they are normally not ambitious. 

The earth element is located in the transformation portion of the developmental chart. This means that you are good at dealing with change and can often be the calm presence in a stressful situation. 

Earth constitutions tend to have a darkish complexion, a large or stout body with a proportionally large head and belly. They have strong thighs and wide jaws. They walk without lifting their feet very high and their strength is in their muscles. The representative organs for this constitution are the spleen and the stomach which are chiefly responsible for overall digestion. The emotion associated with earth is worry and you may have a tendency to over worry about others and situations out of your control. When the earth constitution is out of balance one can expect such problems as low energy, poor circulation, food allergies, weak muscles, digestive disturbances and difficulties with weight control.


The Intent product line is made for this element - green tea scent that helps promote balance for your chi.