Passion - the fire element


Those that fall into the fire constitution are energetic, imaginative and excited about life. They tend to move through life in a quick and efficient manner and are courageous. The fire types are drawn to the beautiful things in life but do not place too much value on material wealth. When in balance a fire constitution loves to laugh and revel in the joy of life. Fire is in the growth aspect of the development cycle which means that you excel at taking an idea and turning it into a reality. Summer is your best time of year health wise, unless you are out of balance which can then be the worst time.

When kept under control, fire is very useful. However, it will dominate and consume if not kept in check. Excess fire can leave one out of touch with reality and living in a “dream world”. A weak fire can manifest as lack of excitement for life, antisocial behavior and phobias. Other conditions that can rise from an imbalance in this constitution are insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, heart palpitations, flushed face, paranoia and a weakened sexual response.

Fire constitutions tend to have a reddish complexion a small pointed head or pointed chin and notable small hands. They tend to have curly or no hair. The physical strength of this constitution is in the circulatory system, vessels and the upper parts of the body. The heart is the representative organ and it is said to be the home of insight and understanding. The tongue is also a representative organ of this constitution and if out of balance you may experience sores on your tongue or a bright red tongue tip.


The Passion product line is made for this element - mandarin sandalwood scent that helps promote balance for your chi.