Truth - the wood element


The wood element is symbolized by a tree because those that fall into this constitutional type are strong and durable yet flexible. A wood element is considered to be in the birth process of the elemental cycle. This means that wood constitution people should be good at beginning new projects and generating ideas. As a tree has a strong root system a healthy wood element person has a well-grounded personality and strong ties to family. They have good judgment and are usually good decision makers. Anger and frustration are emotions often experienced by this elemental type especially when they are out of balance or stressed. 

You thrive in the spring time or get sick if you are out of balance. You would do well consuming small amounts of sour foods on a regular basis.

Wood types tend to have a darker complexion with a tall, slender build and broad shoulders. Their strength (or weakness if out of balance) is in the tendons and joints of the body. The representative organs of this element are the liver and gal bladder. The eyes are another representative organ for this constitution and a wood element person should be vigilant about getting regular eye exams. When a wood element person is out of balance they can experience such ailments as depression, structural weakness, PMS, hypoglycemia, allergies and Reynaud’s syndrome.


The Truth product line is made for this element - orange bliss scent that helps promote balance for your chi.