Vata - space & air constitution

Do you know someone that is so creative and inspiring, that moves lightly through life with enthusiasm and ease? This person has a thin frame, active personality and speaks fast. 

When in balance, these are the qualities of a vata dosha. People that are 100% vata are usually in the art and creative department of a company - they are not about organization or determination. They sometimes get things done, but when they do finish their projects, it is absolutely incredible. Creativity and inspiration flows freely in their veins, and they can absolutely change the energy anywhere they go. 

Their presence is only noticed by those with sensitive awareness, and they are always surrounded by many friends. 

Nothing about them is boring, as change is their moving force - prana is abundant in this dosha.

However, when this dosha is out of balance - space & air get stuck with abundance and cannot flow anymore - there is no where to go.

Creative juices stop flowing, and energetic blockages cause constipation, anxiety and joint problems. Thinning hair, dry skin and cracking nails all derive from the excess of space and air. Due to the natural tendencies of always moving and shifting places and activities, vatas usually deplete their prana fairly easily, and need constant care to support their journey through the elements. 

So, in order to bring the excess space and air down, vatas usually need lots of earth and water in their routines. There are two ways to pacify vatas: the body, and the mind! 

In Ayurveda, we utilize smell, sound and sight senses to pacify the mind; and touch and taste to pacify the body. 

So if you are feeling anxious, worried, can't sleep or have difficulties being your creative self, try these tips: lavender or frankincense essential oil - put 5 to 6 drops in a diffuser before you go to bed; calming water sounds to bring water element into your mind; use beige, pastel colors on your outfit or home.

But if you are having difficulties with your bowel movements, really dry skin, or flakey hair, try these: eat more of the sweet, salty and sour tastes to increase the water and earthy elements in your physical body; drink chamomile tea, increase your intake of ghee (clarified butter) and eat more warm, hot meals - avoid salads, raw foods and smoothies; put sesame or avocado oil on your skin after a warm bath to hydrate and absorb its properties. 

Remember, you might not even be a vata on your prakruti - read "Ayurveda - a consciousness based healing system" blog post - but your life choices might have increased the elements of space and air on your constitution lately, and you might be experiencing some of these characteristics. 

The most important part of Ayurveda is to be aware - connect with your body, mind and soul - and continue this exploration as you move through life.