Kapha - water & earth constitution

Do you know someone that is a loyal friend and has a peaceful presence, that moves slowly through life with the stability of a mountain? This person has a larger frame, loving personality and speaks with calm and tranquility. 

When in balance, these are the qualities of a kapha dosha. People that are 100% kapha are usually in the human resources or coaching department of a company - they are not about creativity or determination. They sometimes support a friend creatively, or use their organizational skills to help someone in need - but assisting others is what really matters for this dosha. Sensitivity and patience flows freely in their veins, and they can absolutely provide supportive energy anywhere they go. 

Their presence is only noticed by those who look for help, and their close friends feel a sense love and confidence when around them. 

Nothing about them is fast, as stability is their strong force - prana is located on the Muladhara chakra for this dosha.

However, when this dosha is out of balance - water & earth overflow with abundance and cannot be contained anymore - spreading towards the rest of the body.

Earth takes over, and the excess stability causes stagnation all over the body: stubbornness, resistance to change, depression and inability to finish tasks. Sluggish attitude and "I don't want to deal with it" type of mentality all derive from the excess of earth. Due to the natural tendencies of always being the grounding force and stable energy, kaphas usually increase their earth element fairly easily, and need constant invigoration to support their journey through the elements. 

So, in order to bring the excess earth down, kaphas usually need lots of fire in their routines. There are two ways to pacify kaphas: the body, and the mind! 

In Ayurveda, we utilize smell, sound and sight senses to pacify the mind; and touch and taste to pacify the body. 

So if you are feeling sluggish, leathery, laziness, melancholy or depression try these tips: eucalyptus and cinnamon essential oil - put 5 to 6 drops in a diffuser before you go to bed; listen to the fire cracking; use warm, invigorating colors like red, orange or yellow on your outfit or home.

But if you are feeling overweight, excessive accumulation of mucus, swollen lymph glands, try these: eat more of the pungent, bitter and astringent tastes to increase the fire and air elements in your physical body; drink ginger tea, increase your intake of cinnamon and cumin (cook everything with cloves and spices) and eat more whole and freshly cooked meals; perform a dry massage after your bath to improve circulation. 

Remember, you might not even be a pitta on your prakruti - read "Ayurveda - a consciousness based healing system" blog post - but your life choices might have increased the elements of fire and water on your constitution lately, and you might be experiencing some of these characteristics. 

The most important part of Ayurveda is to be aware - connect with your body, mind and soul - and continue this exploration as you move through life.