Pitta - fire & water constitution

Do you know someone that is a great leader and motivator, that moves firmly through life with determination and passion? This person has a muscular frame, strong personality and speaks with conviction. 

When in balance, these are the qualities of a pitta dosha. People that are 100% pitta are usually in the management and operational department of a company - they are not about creativity or art. They sometimes deal with a problem creatively, but their organizational skills is what get problems solved most of the time - 'impossible is nothing' for this dosha. Sensitive leadership and cognitive analytical skills flows freely in their veins, and they can absolutely empower the energy anywhere they go. 

Their presence is noticed by anyone, and their followers feel a sense of purpose and dignity when around them. 

Nothing about them is dull, as objective is their moving force - prana is located on the Manipura chakra for this dosha.

However, when this dosha is out of balance - fire & water overflow with abundance and cannot be contained anymore - spreading towards the rest of the body.

Fire takes over, and the excess heat causes inflammation all over the body: skin problems, acid reflux, heartburn and diarrhea . Irritability, anger, excess criticism, impatience and jealousy all derive from the excess of fire. Due to the natural tendencies of always making decisions and changing the course of a journey towards its ultimate goal, pittas usually increase their fire element fairly easily, and need constant cooling to support their journey through the elements. 

So, in order to bring the excess fire down, pittas usually need lots of space and air in their routines. There are two ways to pacify pittas: the body, and the mind! 

In Ayurveda, we utilize smell, sound and sight senses to pacify the mind; and touch and taste to pacify the body. 

So if you are feeling irritable, excessively critic, judgmental or angry, try these tips: sandalwood or rosewood essential oil - put 5 to 6 drops in a diffuser before you go to bed; open your window at night to allow the cool breeze sound to flow in; use light blue or green, cooling colors on your outfit or home.

But if you are having heartburn, really irritated skin - psoriasis, or hot flashes, try these: eat more of the sweet, bitter and astringent tastes to increase the space and air elements in your physical body; drink mint tea, increase your intake of coconut oil (cook everything with coconut oil) and eat more salads, raw foods and cold smoothies; put coconut oil on your skin after a cool bath to hydrate and reduce the inflammation of the skin. 

Remember, you might not even be a pitta on your prakruti - read "Ayurveda - a consciousness based healing system" blog post - but your life choices might have increased the elements of fire and water on your constitution lately, and you might be experiencing some of these characteristics. 

The most important part of Ayurveda is to be aware - connect with your body, mind and soul - and continue this exploration as you move through life.