Anahata Chakra - the heart energy center

Anahata is the heart energy center - located on our chest, here is where our love and compassion lies dormant, waiting to be awakened and rise up to allow our consciousness to reach enlightenment. As love and compassion moves upward, so does our awareness, and our ability to move through this world in gracious and effortless way. The heart chakra is the fuel for circulation, love and the immune system. 

In the physical realm, it relates to the thymus gland and produces hormones that promotes strong immunity - thiamine. The element related with this energy center is air - and it is deeply related with all doshas. The emotions that are influenced by this energy center include: hope, worry, love, effort, vanity, discrimination, mental numbness due to fear, ego, avarice, hypocrisy, argumentativeness, and repentance.  

The anahata chakra is responsible for our ability to feel hope, love and compassion. It relates to our respiratory system, immune system, connection with higher states of awareness and empathy. 

The visualization technique for this energy center encompasses the following characteristics:

  • color - green
  • shape - hexagon hologram
  • mantra - YUM
  • number of petals - twelve
  • color of petals - green

The natural remedy for this chakra is: proper breathing / pranayama, and fresh air.