Manipura Chakra - the solar plexus energy center

Manipura is the solar plexus energy center - located on the navel, here is where our power lies dormant, waiting to be awakened and guide us towards enlightenment. As this powerful force awakens, so does our determination and focus to go after the things we want. The solar plexus chakra is the shelter for heat and energy, and provides us a sense of accomplishment and tenacity. The petals relate to ten emotions that can be managed by this energy center: shyness, sadistic tendency, envy, melancholy, sleepiness, peevishness, yearning for acquisition, infatuation, hatred and fear.

In the physical realm, it relates to the pancreas, adrenals and prostate, secreting hormones that empower us for protection - adrenaline, insulin and prostatic. The element related with this energy center is fire - and it is deeply related with pitta, the warrior ayurvedic dosha

The manipura chakra is responsible for our ability to fight, digest and metabolize all that we eat, see, hear, smell and touch. It relates to our ego and drive.  

The visualization technique for this energy center encompasses the following characteristics:

  • color - red
  • shape - triangle
  • mantra - RAM
  • number of petals - ten
  • color of petals - yellow

The natural remedy for this chakra is: heat, sleep and exercise.