Swadhisthana Chakra - the sacral energy center

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Swadhistana is the sacral energy center - located on the base of our genital organs, here is where our reproduction and our sense of duty and responsibility stem from, waiting to be awakened and inspired. As rationality and intelligence rise, so does the ability to ignite creativity. The sacral chakra is stimulated by the pituitary, and dwells with the lower emotions of cruelty, belittlement of others, lack of common sense, thought of sure annihilation, indulgence and lack of confidence. 

In the physical realm, it relates to the testicles and ovaries - secretes testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. The element related with this energy center is water - and it is deeply related with vata, the creative ayurvedic dosha. It regulates the production of all body liquids like blood, the lymph, digestive juice and sperm. 

The swadhisthana chakra is responsible for our ability to feel confident on our own skin, bringing a sense of purpose and self-esteem, and allowing for our minds and bodies to be creative. It relates to our hips, and the release of emotional toxicity. 

The visualization technique for this energy center encompasses the following characteristics:

  • color - white
  • shape - crescent moon
  • mantra - VAM
  • number of petals - six
  • color of petals - orange

The natural remedy for this chakra is: abundant water and cleanliness.