Ajna Chakra - the third eye energy center


Ajna is the third eye energy center - located in between our eyebrows, here is where our intuition lies dormant, waiting to be awakened and rise up to allow our true connection with our higher self to manifest. As clairvoyance manifests, so does our awareness, and our ability to move through this world in gracious and effortless way. The third eye chakra is the fuel for intuition, higher wisdom, visions and fantasy. 

In the physical realm, it relates to the pituitary gland and produces hormones that promote strong   soul connection - TSH, FSH, ACTH, GH, LH and oxytocin. It governs our face, eyes, ears and nose, the sinuses, the cerebellum and the central nervous system. The element related with this energy center is the mind - and it is deeply related with all doshas. The emotions and abilities that are influenced by this energy center include: mundane knowledge and spiritual knowledge. 

The ajna chakra is responsible for our ability to have deep spiritual experiences of the cosmic consciousness and to develop capabilities like telepathy, clairvoyance or astral travelling. People with an open third eye chakra are able to recognize the connection of everything there is and to see and interpret signs and synchronicities occurring in their lives.

The visualization technique for this energy center encompasses the following characteristics:

  • color - white
  • shape - circle
  • mantra - OM
  • number of petals - two
  • color of petals - indigo

The natural remedy for this chakra is: concentration, positive ideation, morality.