April 30 - Emotional Detox

If you're feeling stuck in life, have a relationship you need to move on from, a life transition, or other situation that is weighing you down, join us for this powerful evening of release and renewal with energy medicine practitioners John Germain Leto and Eden Clark.  



As experts in energy healing, chakras, and the soul’s journey, they will show you first hand how to see the patterns you carry within your “energetic field” and have you experience a deep letting go of whatever it is that has been holding you back.  In this 2-hour workshop, you will experience a rejuvenation of soul and spirit, as well as learn practical techniques you can use daily to detox your emotions after a hard day or challenging situation.



You will come to understand the connection between negative emotions and your energetic body.  You will also receive an energetic cleansing to purge lingering heavy emotions and allow you to walk away with a refreshed sense of life.  Come prepared to let go of the old and welcome in the new!



About John & Eden:

John Germain Leto and Eden Clark are both shamanic energy medicine practitioners, teachers and ceremonial leaders.  Their work has been featured in Prevention magazine, MindBodyGreen, and many other publications.  Together they lead personal transformation workshops and sacred travel to sites around the world, such as the Amazon jungle, Peru and Bali, working with indigenous shamans and wisdom keepers to merge new and ancient healing practices for modern day problems.  For more info, visit www.JohnandEden.com.