May 21 - The Secret of Meditation

In this incredible workshop, Dada Nabhaniilananda will guide us to understand the secret of meditation through music, yoga and laughter. 

Some people find meditation difficult because when they first start practicing they do not feel any different. Dada shows us how to make our meditation a richly emotional, uplifting experience. After this your meditation will never feel like homework.

The workshop is in two parts. The first covers the science of mantra and chakras, and introduces participants to a personal meditation technique they can take away with them and practice alone.

The second part introduces a special chanting technique, The Heart Circle Kiirtan, which creates such a blissful atmosphere that everyone in the group feels a flow of love as their hearts open to the sense of the divine within. Our meditation becomes a natural flow, bringing the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice within our reach.

Participants do not need to have any prior experience in meditation.

What people say about Dada’s workshops:

“That was fantastic, it was fantastic, I can’t tell you... I went into a state of peace and calm – it was so welcome. Thank you for that experience.”

- Wendy Mclure, Architect, San Francisco.

"What an extraordinary and heart opening experience. Informative, inspiring, and lots of fun. Dada N combines humour, deep insight, and tremendous knowledge of the spiritual path. A really rare opportunity for new yogis and experienced aspirants to gather together for real satsaung."

- Vidya (Susan Feathers) Yoga teacher and Dean of Law, Stanford University, California