Detox Your Life

Written By: Jenna Miller
You've heard that detoxing with healing foods or fasting is great for the body. It leaves you feeling lighter, calmer and more energized. But have you considered a detox for your life? Everything you take in through your senses affects your body, energy and well-being. Here are four simple questions to help you lighten up as we move into spring.

1. Prioritize. The word priority used to be singular, referring to the most important condition. In all our multi-tasking glory, we've upped the ante to hold several factors important at once. Just for this week, what would happen if you chose only one thing to focus on each day?  


2. Be mindful of what goes in. Just like food affects your body, the things you read, watch and listen to shape your thoughts and outlook on life. Do you watch the news and feel stressed out? Do you constantly listen to the radio or need background noise? Notice how your activities and surroundings make you feel. 

3. Choose what brings you joy. We all have tasks that must get done, but how much time do you leave for fun and enjoyment? Schedule time in each day to do something that uplifts you like taking a walk at the beach, reading several pages of an inspiring book or spending quality time with your loved ones at the end of your day. 

4. Meditate. Nothing unclutters your mind like sitting in stillness. Even if you only have 5 minutes in your day, find a quiet place to sit and breathe. By directing attention away from the outside world and redirecting it to your inner self, you create space for peacefulness to surface.


Where can you find time in your day to unplug from the outside world?

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