April 9 - Nutritional Spring Detox

Join us for an incredible learning experience with Flora Staub - a Dietician and Certified Holistic Nutritionist passionate about food, health, and natural healing.  

Her love for nutrition has transcended into a journey of almost 10 years of professional experience providing nutritional counseling, workshops, cooking classes, private chef services, and business consultancy.  

She believes nutrition is an incredible wisdom not only to empower people to develop and sustain healthy habits that are designed for their own physical needs and lifestyle, but to support emotional balance by providing guidance through the process of healthy eating choices without feeling deprivation or becoming overwhelmed by dieting rules.

In this Spring Detox Workshop you can expect to enter a journey into physical healing and learn:

  • Why we need to clean and detox our bodies, and how it works

  • What foods to eat, and what foods to avoid during a detox program

  • Nourishing recipes and holistic practices to sustain and optimize the detoxification process

The Apotheque Lifestyle encourages every one to experiment with your uniqueness and enjoy the benefits of being one with your own body. We will be giving out 'detox tea samples' so you can take home and start feeling the healing effects of detoxification right away!

Come join us on April 9th, at 4PM @ApothequeLifestyleSPA. We honor Flora and her incredible wisdom and we are offering this course at $19 per person.

Please click here to sign up - and enjoy a fun afternoon with the healing community that will support your health and wellness goals, right here in Oceanside!