April 15 - Yoga & Pranayama Detox

A pharmacist by education, Elena believes that taking care of ourselves is our highest priority.  As the common yet truly profound saying goes, "one must love oneself before one can love others".  To love means to care of oneself physically, mentally and spiritually.  With love we can heal ourselves as well as help others. 

Nothing is more healing than a love-filled concoction of our breath combined with Asana alignments, carrying this love throughout every cell of the body and mind while aligning your spirit with the Universal Energy flow.  Meditation is another way to connect to the flow and be ONE with the Universe.

Changing the World begins within.

With this belief Elena has been practicing and teaching different styles of Yoga for over 10 years, bringing light, love and beauty from within.  

She pays attention to breathing through correct alignments, helping her clients develop bigger lung capacity, remove energy blocks caused by stress, emotions and circumstances, thus healing themselves.

Through her life experiences Elena developed her own wellness program that helps her stay fit, healthy, happy and whole. She is sharing her knowledge with others who care to live a healthy happy life to take care of their body – the embodiment of mind and spirit, i.e our “Temple”.

In this 2-hour workshop, Elena will guide us through detoxifying breathing techniques and yoga postures that will cleanse body, mind and spirit! 

Join us Saturday - April 15th to prepare for a renewal Easter celebration and enjoy the benefits of the Apotheque community! To sign up, please click here.