Detox Through Yoga and Pranayama

Written by Elena Mckibben

Written by Elena Mckibben

There is a lot to be said about the importance of detoxifying your body, the sacred temple of your mind and soul. In modern life our body is constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins through eating, touching or breathing it in; and our mind with toxic negative thoughts from stress and the fast pace of life which inevitably create our future.

Detox has many steps from cleansing your guts and organs to clearing your mind from chatter, and needed to be guided by Holistic professionals.  

Detox through pranayama (Breathing exercises) and yoga movements are a delightful part of this process because it will make you feel lighter, renewed and rejuvenated right away after the each class or private session.

Detox happens by expelling toxins out of your lungs with special breathing exercises via the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide through your lungs and blood. Detox also happens by squeezing toxins from your organs through yoga poses.

Through my practice of yoga and meditation, I have seen people healing themselves from allergies and asthma through regular practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

One of the techniques that is overlooked and is not taken seriously is the lion pose. This pose often makes people laugh and feel silly, like being a little kid again.  Yet this pose is really effective in expelling toxins out of your lungs, especially in times of seasonal allergies.  And really, is it not important for us to laugh and let our inner child shine through?

To do lion pose: sit on your knees and heels (Japanese style), inhale deeply, and cress-crossing your eyes toward the area between your eyebrows with a leap of a lion roaring out loud exhale fully till your belly button squeezes to your spine. Do five to ten leaps at a time at least once daily and more during the spring allergy season to expel all air pollutants from your airways and lungs.  Do it with your kids to have more fun out of it.

To learn more about different breathing techniques, detoxifying yoga poses and their benefits for your body, come to Elena McKibben's workshop Pranayama and Yoga Detox on Saturday, April 15th from 4 to 6 PM at the Apotheque Lifestyle Spa.

You can also request a private session with Elena by calling the Apotheque Lifestyle Spa at (760) 967-7727