June 17 | New Moon in Cancer Workshop


New Moon in Cancer Gathering

New moons are times of new beginnings and fresh starts. New moons are when we plant hopeful seeds and intentions in order to sow abundant fruit by the time of the next new moon. During these times we must honor our opportunities and chances.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the little crab welcomes summer as it begins on the same day as the summer solstice. Cancers are known for their emotional and nurturing tendencies, they make loving partners and loving parents. Cancers are emotional because they feel everything so deeply and they are nurturing for the same reason. Being ruled by the moon, Cancers are highly affected by all of its phases and the ever changing ocean tide. They navigate life with their emotions, feeling things out with their heart rather than logical brain.

Cancer has a tendency to over give, so the New Moon in Cancer is a high energy time for Cancers to look within and begin building their life around themselves, rather than their tendency to build their life around their lover, or another. Now is the time to work on yourself personally. Through inner development and dedication to self will you find expansion and growth outwards.

The New Moon in Cancer is on July 23rd but we will be celebrating it early on July 17th from 4:00-6:00pm at Apotheque in Oceanside. Join me as we welcome the New Moon in Cancer together.

At our New Moon in Cancer Gathering we will meditate, discuss the moon and what it means, journal, set intentions and end with a special sound healing.


Jessica Luibrand is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in healing the energy body. In this workshop, you'll learn the physical connection between Moon, Earth and us | how can we harness the power of the New Moon to balance body, mind and spirit towards your optimal health. 

Sign up now to reserve your spot | June 17th 4PM.