August 13 | Empower Yourself with Feng Shui

Marie Vickers, Feng Shui + Geomancy Consultant

Ancient Wisdom's for a Modern Lifestyle

Have you ever been curious about Feng Shui (what is it, exactly?) and how it can improve your life (yes, please!)? Marie Vickers, Feng Shui and Geomancy consultant, presents an engaging and informative workshop that will introduce you to the basic concepts of Feng Shui – shifting energy in your environment to enhance your life. Everyone, universally, wants to feel comfortable in their home. It is your sanctuary where you can find peace in an increasingly complicated world.

Feng Shui practices will support you in attracting the joy, love, well-being, and abundance we all desire. Information provided in this workshop will be immediately applicable to your own home or office. A fun and simple art project will allow participants to explore their creative side and will provide an additional Feng Shui take-away to incorporate into your life.

Marie has been practicing Feng Shui and Geomancy as a professional for three years. Her life path and experiences have provided the foundation that opened the door to this new chapter as an environmental energy healer.

“I’ve always known I have a deep purpose in this lifetime; Feng Shui and Geomancy give me the platform to support others in their desire to heal, create, and transform.”