August 20 | Women's Circle | SERF

We are calling all women who want to create change in the world and in themselves.

Women who are curious and excited to experience magic in their lives. We can't create something new if we are still operating in our old mindset that created the issues in the first place. We are calling all women who want to feel love for themselves and love for others. We are calling women who are tired of feeling alone, misunderstood and craving deep connection. Women who want a tribe of women they can call on at any time. We are calling on the Divine to witness the greatness in every woman, their own true power! Returning home to your true self.
There is something extremely powerful when a group of women gathers together in the unity of circle and sisterhood. It has the power to create magic and miracles and ultimately transform our lives. Sacred Sisterhood Circles have been around for centuries with women sharing feminine knowledge through rituals, ceremony, and storytelling. A circle is a sacred container that allows each woman to come as "She" is.

This is a place where your true self is asked to show up fully and as a reward, you leave feeling renewed, energized and connected to love and joy and peace.
You feel like something has touched you to your core and you/She will want more!
This is where you feed your Soul dear sister- in sisterhood and circle.
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