Taking a Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

What if there is a way to lose weight fast and naturally without medication?

You might be thinking… I’ve tried many diets before and I’m not sure I want to try it again. Adriana Covell has struggled with her weight for years, she was determined to find the cause and the solution for this issue that affects many people. After years of research and trying different things she found the most effective, fast and long-lasting solution!
Today she weighs the same as she did 15 years ago, even after becoming a mom! She also doesn't need to worry about dieting anymore. For that reason,  she became passionate to teach people who are unhappy with their body, who are frustrated in trying different diets without permanent results and don’t have the motivation to do it on their own.

Adriana is a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach who has over eight years experience and specializes in weight management. What she's found is that the solution encompasses a combination of diet, supplements, and holistic modalities that not only help lose the extra weight fast but also addresses the root cause of weight loss.  One thing is for sure, most people can lose weight by dieting alone, however, the biggest challenge is to maintain it long term. Treating the root cause is the premises of holistic medicine where all aspects of our life affect your health and weight.

Ask yourself this question: When you are stressed out, sad or angry, is your appetite affected? For most people, the answer is “yes”. If emotions are not addressed the cravings won’t let us stick to the diet and be successful long-term. Adriana has been using this comprehensive program successfully for years that addresses emotions as well as the other possible causes in the way of feeling good about yourself and your body.  She's on a mission to make people happy and regain their self-esteem. Visit the Apotheque Lifestyle Spa Website and schedule a FREE Weight Loss Consultation with Adriana today!