Can Crystal Healing Actually Work?

If you’re at all connected with the world of alternative medicine, or are a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, I am sure you have heard of crystal healing. And if you’re a skeptic like I am, you may find yourself thinking, “This can’t possibly be real.” But after some research into crystals, I wouldn’t be so quick to write them off.

First thing is first, I am not saying there is any scientific backing to crystal healing. There is not. But that’s not to say you should turn up your nose at it and deem it silly. Even though holding rose quartz in your hand won’t magically bring you love, there is much to say for the placebo effect.

The connotation of the word “placebo” may be of something false or dishonest, but actually the placebo effect can itself be healing and beneficial. Say you have a headache, and take a pill you think is aspirin that later turned out to be a mint or something, but since you believed you took medicine, you convinced yourself you felt better and the headache went away. Just because it was a placebo effect does not change the fact that your head did in fact feel better.

This is what I think crystals do. They may not actually hold mystical properties( or maybe they do, stranger things have happened), but they serve as a symbol, a reminder of what the owner wants.

For example, if you want to be more creative there is a stone called Carnelian that is said to promote creative thinking. This stone may not physically give you ideas, but it serves as a reminder to be creative. If you believe this object will inspire you, then by looking at it you can be inspired. This speaks to your own willpower, not to the power of the stone, but either way it can work. The power doesn’t come from crystals, it comes from you. Whether you choose to channel your desires into a crystal or a teapot, or a shoe. The object really doesn’t matter but crystals are wonderful talismans to use for this purpose. Each one is unique and comes with a predetermined purpose which makes it easier to believe in it. Plus they look great on your shelves.

So if you need to work on self love, or want to focus on bringing more love into your life, go ahead and purchase that Rose Quartz. Each time you look at it will be a subconscious reminder to focus on love, be it self love, romantic love, or platonic love. If you keep that idea on your mind, you can make it happen. Maybe the motivation you need to make these little changes lies in a beautiful crystal. Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s really up to you to decide.

Gabrielle Garruto