Western vs. Vedic Astrology

Astronomers have long expressed the inadequacies and fallacies that Western Astrology base their information on. Their most significant criticism is the fact that Western Astrology does not account for a phenomenon called the "precession of the equinoxes". The Earth's gravitational pull towards the Sun causes the Earth's rotation on its axis to slow. This means every full rotation (one year) we do not end up where we began, we actually end up 1 degree short of our starting point. At this point you may be asking so what does this have to do with my Zodiac sign? Don't worry, I'm getting there. Western Astrology is based on the Greek and Babylonian belief that the Earth's relationship with the Sun is the most important - hence our "Sun sign" is the main focus of western horoscopes. This is problematic because the Greeks did not take the precession of the equinoxes into account - making all of our modern day signs based off of a sky that is 2,000-3,000 years old! Our modern orientation to Sun has shifted 24 degrees (aka 24 days), which would make most of us the sign previous to the one we have come to identify with (Scorpio would be a Libra, Capricorn a Sagittarius…etc.) Now don't go making an appointment to laser off your zodiac tattoo just yet. That sign could be in your Vedic Astrology chart, as they have a sun sign, moon sign, and ascending sign. Vedic Astrology is a more ancient form of Astrology created by the Hindus and practiced in India. While Western Astrology looks to the Sun, Eastern Astrologers look to the stars. Vedic Astrology succeeds in keeping an accurate representation of the sky at your birth because they make their calculations using the fixed constellations. So whether you keep your Western sign because hey, it’s sentimental and you can put your physics where your mouth is, or make the shift and explore your new persona - the choice is yours! How do you feel?