Aromatherapy Benefits and Uses

The art of Aromatherapy refers to the use of natural oils for both physical and psychological well-being. Among aromatherapy benefits are its ability to help improve depression, reduce anxiety, and even boost energy levels.

Through a controlled use of essential oils — like lavender, rose, lemon, and more — you can promote your wellbeing and balance the body, mind, and soul.

At Apotheque, we offer assorted and specialized aromatherapy spa treatment services that will have you looking and feeling your best. Read on to learn about aromatherapy massage benefits and how you can incorporate this therapeutic use of essential oils into your wellness routine.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, also called Essential Oil therapy, incorporates extracted aromatics from plants in hands-on massage therapy. In order to help balance the body and mind, and aid in the healing process, aromatherapy induces relaxation reduces stress and anxieties.

Aromatherapy has been around in some form for thousands of years — but became well-known in the 11th century when steam distillation made it possible to extract essential oils from plants.

Then, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist, perfumer, authored a book in 1937 entitled “Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy.” The book chronicled his findings for using essential oils to aid in the healing of ailments. He coined the word “aromatherapie” to refer to the therapeutic and medicinal applications of essential oils. The terms would later become more widespread after they increased in popularity.

Today, aromatherapy treatments are widely regarded as a holistic and spiritual approach to wellness (and one that just so happens to smell lovely as well). Though it’s practiced throughout the world, it’s popular in India, England, France, and the United States.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are typically extracted from various parts of plants before being distilled into a highly concentrated form. They’re made from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, and roots of the plant.

These oils, once concentrated, can then be applied to the skin through massage, bath salts, or lotions — or can also be sniffed or dropped into a diffuser.

When thinking about essential oils, imagine what it feels like when you rub a lavender or oregano leaf before putting it up to your nose. How does it make you feel? Relaxed? Invigorated? Sleepy?

Essential oils work in the same way — the oils are extracted from these plants before being put into their concentrated form. Oils can be used in their singular plant form or can be combined to create more potent and powerful oils.

This element is known as synergy, which combines a variety of essential oils to achieve a wide range of outcomes (like alleviating anxiety, aiding in depression, boosting immunity, and more).

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

It’s believed that aromatherapy works by stimulating the smell receptors in the nose. From there, messages are sent from the nervous system to the limbic system (the part of your brain that controls emotion) and the hippocampus, the part of the brain that creates and keeps memories.

Certain smells hold the power to bring up memories and physical feelings. Does the scent of orange oil remind you of a favorite tree in your backyard growing up? Does rose oil transport you to the peacefulness of your spring garden?

Our sense of smell is an incredible thing — because it relays sensory information in a way that is entirely unique and therefore, causes an immediate and emotional reaction.

That’s why essential oils are able to have such an effect on our physical bodies. They’re able to make their way into our bloodstream and travel to the brain, impacting both our emotions and our memories.

The molecules and aromatics of the oils mingle with the sensors in your nasal cavity, lungs, pores, and more. Once sensors are engaged, they elicit emotional responses based on these smells.

As oils impact memory, they’re able to balance hormone levels, support limbic system functions, decrease anxiety, and promote energy.

Aromatherapy Benefits

From reducing anxiety and depression to strengthening the immune system, here are some of the most notable benefits of aromatherapy.   

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Aromatherapy is widely known as an anxiety and stress reliever. The compounds from many essential oils are relaxants, which help to ease anxiety. Good essential oils for stress relief are lemon oil, lavender, bergamot, peppermint, vetiver, and ylang-ylang.

Ease Depression

Aromatherapy is also known to eliminate feelings of depression. This is often used as a complementary treatment to combat the side effects of pharmaceutical antidepressants. Common essential oils for easing depression are peppermint, lavender, jasmine, and chamomile.

Boost Energy Levels

Looking for an alternative to your morning cup of coffee? Essential oils are also known to stimulate the body and mind and therefore, raise energy levels and increase circulation. These include sage, rosemary, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, angelica, jasmine, and tea tree.

Speed Up Healing

Because essential oils are stimulants, many help to promote healing throughout the body. In part, this has to do with increased oxygen and blood flow to wounds. Certain essential oils contain anti-microbial properties to help protect the body. In addition, within each concentrated drop of essential oil, there are hundreds of plant-based chemicals (known as phytochemicals). Each of these chemicals reacts differently within the body. Ketones (which are found in lavender essential oil, patchouli, and hyssop) stimulate cell regeneration. Aldehydes (found in lemongrass essential oil, Melissa, and citronella) are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Sesquiterpenes (in cedarwood and sandalwood) reverse inflammation. They’re also known to reverse DNA damage as well in some cases. As a general rule of thumb, some of the most popular essential oils for healing are lavender, calendula, rosehip, everlasting (helichrysum), and buckthorn.

Eliminate Headaches

There are many essential oils that are connected to reducing (or eliminating) headaches.

Peppermint oil contains menthol, which helps muscles relax and ease pain. Try diluting it with another oil and dabbing it onto the temples and forehead. Rosemary oil is an anti-inflammatory that has analgesic properties which are known to kill pain and relax muscles.  Lavender, because it’s often used for relaxation and stress relief, also can help to treat headaches and pain as well. Eucalyptus essential oils help particularly with headaches brought on by sinus issues, as the oil works to open the nasal passage and relieve sinus tension. Chamomile relaxes the body and helps to sooth muscles and treat tension brought on by headaches.

Boost the Brain

Aromatherapy is often used to boost the brain! Ginger works to stimulate the mind and improve mental clarity. Lemon balm aids in relaxation and improves memory. Rosemary is another essential oil that is known for uplifting the mind and body while also improving cognitive performance. Ylang-Ylang calms the mind but also improves focus and concentration.

Help with Sleep

Counting sheep and going nowhere? Essential oils offer relief when it comes to insomnia and sleep disorders — and help to ensure you have a restful night. Common calming essential oils that aid in sleep are lavender, chamomile, jasmine, benzoin, neroli, rose, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, and ylang-ylang.

Strengthen the Immune System

Aromatherapy has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial effects to protect your body from infection and illness. Immune boosting oils include oregano, frankincense, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

Pain and Digestion Relief

The top essential oils for pain relief include lavender, chamomile, clary sage, juniper, eucalyptus, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils. In addition, issues with digestion can also be associated with oils. They can help to spead up the metabolism and ease constipation and bloating. Citrus oils like lemon and orange work especially well for digestive issues.

Apotheque Massage

Body Massage

At Apotheque, you can choose your own custom blend of fragrances and essential oils, depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can also fine-tune your massage intensity and include additional options like hot stones or ask for special attention to those problem areas (like hands, feet, and lower back).


You can select from our Essential and Fragrance Oils to customize your entire experience. Whatever you’re looking for (spiritually and physically) we can help you come up with the perfect custom blend.

Type of Massage

We do our aromatherapy body massage with essential oils. Choose from a light pressure massage with flowing strokes to a deep tissue massage (or select a combination of massage techniques).


Let us know what area you need help with — and we’ll make sure to soothe your muscles, aches, and pains. We’ll also help to alleviate anxiety and ease you into the massage treatment with our aromatherapy.


At Apotheque, we concentrate on the zones you would like addressed to help increase circulation and energy flow. Whether it’s your forehead (for a headache) or your legs (for achy joints) we can help to pinpoint the places that your massage therapy would benefit most.


Tell us what you need and what feels best to you (hot stones are optional).

Therapeutic Massage Services

We believe the power of touch crosses all times and cultures. There’s something immensely powerful about the laying on of hands to calm, comfort, nurture, and aid in healing (especially when done in combination with essential oils). The stories of the healing powers of human touch have been passed down through generations, through different subjects and different challenges. Yet somehow, the power of touch is able to heal the unimaginable. At Apotheque, your therapist will explain the benefits of massage (including relaxing muscle tension, relief from chronic pain, and improving health and wellness).

Apotheque Essential Oils

Consider our large assortment of essential and fragrance oils as the starting point for your creativity. With countless unique creations, we are here for all of your aromatherapy and skin care needs. You can come to our Custom Blends Bar at the Apotheque Spa or shop individual notes online. Whether it’s sleep aid or a brain boost you’re looking for, our selection can help.

Essential Oils List

  • bay (calming)

  • bergamot (uplifting)

  • cedarwood (calming)

  • chinese ginger (stimulating)

  • cinnamon (brain boosting)

  • clary sage (calming)

  • clove leaf (awaken mind)

  • coriander (stimulating)

  • eucalyptus (clears mind)

  • fir needle

  • geranium (uplifting)

  • lavender (uplifting)

  • lemon (calming)

  • lemongrass (uplifting)

  • lime (tonic)

  • nutmeg

  • orange (uplifting)

  • peppermint (refreshing)

  • rosemary (uplifting)

  • rosewood (uplifting)

  • sage dalmation (calming)

  • spearmint (stimulating)

  • tangerine (calming)

  • white grapefruit (uplifting)

  • ylang ylang (uplifting)

Fragrance Oils


  • bisabolol

  • egyptian musk

  • juniper breeze

  • mandarin sandalwood

  • mineral

  • native grass

  • olive

  • spicy amber


  • champagne

  • chocolate vanilla

  • cilantro

  • coffee

  • creamsicle

  • cucumber

  • honey & almond

  • red ginger

  • vanilla macadamia


  • blood orange

  • lime tea

  • neroli

  • peach

  • pink grapefruit

  • pomegranate


  • jasmine

  • pikake flower

  • plumeria

  • saijo persimmon

At Apotheque, we believe that our products help to nourish your skin and cleanse your soul. Whether through massage therapy and essential oils, or one of our other treatment options like cupping therapy or acupuncture therapy, we find joy in helping cleanse your soul and provide emotional comfort to your senses.

With essential oils, we can work together to customize a plan that helps you find balance in your life. We understand everyone is different — that’s why our treatments are unique and creative.

The art of Aromatherapy refers to the use of natural oils for both physical and psychological well-being. Among aromatherapy benefits are its ability to help improve depression, reduce anxiety, and boost energy levels.

Through a controlled use of essential oils — like lavender, rose, lemon, and more — you can promote your overall wellbeing and balance your body, mind, and soul.

At Apotheque, we offer assorted and specialized aromatherapy spa treatment that will have you looking and feeling your best. There are many aromatherapy massage benefits and Apotheque wellness spa is the perfect place to begin your sessions.

Whether you’re looking to improve depression, reduce anxiety, boost your mood, or ease your pain — we’re here to help! View our workshop schedule to discover our healing techniques with a seasonal focus in the areas of Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Spirituality, Energy Healing, and Nutrition & Health.

Contact us to see how we can integrate aromatherapy uses to help you achieve your wellness goals today. Have any favorite essential oils? Let us know what you use them for in the comments below!


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