4 Tips for the Ultimate Relaxation Bath


Fall is approaching, which means it’s finally cool enough to enjoy a nice hot bath. Unwind this week using our four tips for the perfect Friday bath. 

1. If you’re stressed out stick with Lavender essential oil. Put a few drops into the water and feel the week’s stresses float away with the steam. Lavender and many other natural essential oils are available online or in store.

2. If you’re sore, add some Epsom salt to the water. Epsom salt is a pure mineral with magnesium and sulfate which are known to reduce inflammation and help ease muscle strain. Then pick up some of Apotheque’s Chill Sports Rub and rub it into sore areas after your bath. You’re body will thank you.

3. No bath is complete without bubbles! Try our bubble bath in one of our five signature scents. 

4..And of course wine. You deserve it, it’s been a tough week. Pour yourself a glass of that Cabernet you’ve been saving for a special occasion, throw on some Adele, and let yourself unwind. Enjoy!

lifestyleSabrina Angeli