Celebrate Self Love This Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is upon us. Run to your loved one or run under a pile of blankets, with discount chocolates and a cheesy romantic comedy to yell at. This day can often seem like an annoyance to those not under a love spell. But i’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be; I say we change the way we interact with this holiday!

This holiday has ancient origins dating back to the Roman spring celebration Lupercalia. On this day they would greet the spring and have marriage ceremonies where they basically paired off women to men in a lottery. Not the most romantic. 

Let’s not let this arbitrary love holiday make us feel bad about our relationship status, let’s own it. After all, the holiday is about the concept of love and love has so many different meanings! Romantic love is but one definition, but you can choose to celebrate familial love, platonic love, or self love! Love is wonderful and we should absolutely celebrate it, but we should be allowed to celebrate every kind. 

Here at Apotheque we are celebrating SELF-LOVE! That little buzz word is so important, because it reminds us that we have to be kind to ourselves. You’ll be living with yourself forever, so make it a nice relationship full of LOVE. I have compiled a list of ways to show yourself a little love this holiday.

Self-Care List:

  1. Kind thoughts- This is at the top because it is the most important. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Start this Valentines Day, make a point to think only kind things about yourself. If an insecure or hateful thought slips in: stop, take it back, and replace it with something nicer. You are wonderful and deserve kindness!

  2. Baths- Drawing yourself a candle-lit bubble bath is not only good for your body but also for your mind and mood. It’s a time to give yourself every luxury and remind yourself that you are worth it. Wash and honor your body, think of something you like about every part of you.  I recommend our Passion bubble bath and candles! Let the scent of sandal wood and mandarine orange fill your space with warmth and love.

  3. Spa Day- Give yourself a spa day! We are of course huge fans of spa days, and for good reason: They Work! Go out and be pampered and taken care of. Come in and book a massage and facia combo and I promise you’ll come out feeling serene and loved. 

  4. Wine- At the end of the day you deserve some of your favorite wine, or other preferred drink (alcoholic or not! hot chocolate is my personal go-to). Something to warm you up and make you feel light and comfy. After your spa day you can unwind further at The Bunker House, where we have concocted a Valentines drink special: The Blood Orange Mimosa. Delicious and bubbly, it’s the perfect light-hearted drink to spoil yourself with this holiday. 

  5. Decorating your space- Take a look at your room, house, or apartment, and consider rearranging it. Cleaning out your space, shifting the focus of the room, can do wonders to freshen up your mood and outlook. 

  6. Skin Care- taking time to take care of your skin can do wonders for your self esteem. Pull out all the stops: face wash, exfoliator, mask, toner, serum, moisturizer, oil. Take time with each step, massage each product into your skin with purpose. Play around and figure out what works best for you. Turn on music, dance in your face mask, and let yourself feel free and fun! If you’re on the hunt for some products check out our website for the best natural skin care out there!