Facial Therapy Treatments

Feeling disjointed and out of alignment?

Our mission is to inspire healthy lifestyles and provide opportunity for unlimited well-being. 
We believe that our skin is a reflection of our well-being and that we must nourish our
bodies inside and out. Apotheque Skin Care Mentors are as passionate and committed
to enhancing your skin’s health and vitality.

Apotheque Unique Facials are influenced by India Ayurvedic medicine combined with your imagination! An Apotheque Facial Mentor will customize your facial treatment with Apotheque Rx formulas that are blended according to consultation. Our guests may choose to have a unique blend, or simply select from the menu options designed by the facial mentor. 

30 minutes • $55 | 60 minutes • $100 | 90 minutes • $140 | 120 minutes • $175

Choose & Customize your Apotheque Facial treatment and make it unique like you

Select from the 7 Chakra Boosters:
ONE  Anti-Blemish & Detox, TWO  Sun Damage Repair & Brightening,
THREE  Surface Peel & Smoothing, FOUR  Rosacea Remedy & Calming,
FIVE  Dark Circle Eraser & Anti-Puff, SIX  Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting
SEVEN  Firming & Lifting.

Back Facial

Our back treatment is designed to purify, exfoliate and nourish the hard to reach areas of your back. A back facial aka "bacial" is the perfect treatment leaving you feeling squeaky clean. You will receive a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a body mask specifically for your skin type and massage.


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