To NOURISH is to Flourish...

Apotheque stands for conscious daily choices to enhance body, mind and spirit connection. We are now offering health consultations to ensure a thorough guidance so you can feel your best. We partnered with incredible healers that will bring more clarity and wellness into your life.

30 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $55 | Member Pricing • $40

Chinese Medicine has many branches, or tools, that are used to bring your body into balance. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an important and necessary component of treatment for those conditions where acupuncture may not be desired.  The Chinese herbal tradition goes back thousands of years and it has a rich and sophisticated system of diagnosis to address a variety of conditions.

According to the oldest texts in Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine can be used for three reasons: to alleviate specific symptoms (the lowest level of treatment), to rectify imbalances in the body (the middle level), and to promote longevity (the highest level).

During the initial consultation, the practitioner will conduct a full constitutional evaluation, a detailed personal and medical history and an analysis of your diet, lifestyle, current medications and supplements. A nuanced pulse and tongue diagnosis are an essential part of the consultation as well. There also may be palpation of your abdomen and limbs.

After a Chinese Medical diagnosis has been determined, an herbal formula will be prescribed in the form of teas, pills, tinctures and/or capsules. 


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