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Apotheque stands for conscious daily choices to enhance body, mind and spirit connection. We are now offering health consultations to ensure a thorough guidance so you can feel your best. 

Health Consultations include Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Chinese Medicine, Life Coach session and Nutritionist consultations. We partnered with incredible healers that will bring more clarity and wellness into your life.

Members can choose from Life Coach and Nutritionist 60-min consultation as their choice for the free membership service

30 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $55 | Member Pricing • $40

Ayurveda means "wisdom of life". More than 5,000 years ago, spiritual masters in India wrote down the legacy of Indian Medicine. This consciousness-based healing system entrusts health as a product of our daily choices. To understand the philosophy of Ayurveda is to dive into a self-awareness discovery process, and develop the intuition to read your body, mind and spirit vikruti, meaning current dosha, or constitution imbalance. Only when we understand what type of imbalance is being caused by our lifestyle, we can incorporate conscious daily choices into your day. 

In an Ayurvedic consultation you can expect to learn how to cater your lifestyle to be supportive of your unique constitution. 

In Ayurvedic scripts, we learn the six stages of dis-ease: accumulation, aggravation, dissemination, localization, manifestation, disruption. A balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle can prevent dis-ease to localize and manifest into the physical body. 

Through self-awareness and meditation practices, the Ayurvedic practitioner can notice changes in the physical and mental bodies in the accumulation stage; where natural remedies are the most effective choice to bring yourself back to balance. 

Ayurveda wisdom is a customized guide that includes nutrition, herbs, teas, oils, aromatherapy, yoga postures and meditation techniques to support a balanced body, mind and spirit connection.

30 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $55 | Member Pricing • $40

Chinese Medicine has many branches, or tools, that are used to bring your body into balance. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an important and necessary component of treatment for those conditions where acupuncture may not be desired.  The Chinese herbal tradition goes back thousands of years and it has a rich and sophisticated system of diagnosis to address a variety of conditions.

According to the oldest texts in Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine can be used for three reasons: to alleviate specific symptoms (the lowest level of treatment), to rectify imbalances in the body (the middle level), and to promote longevity (the highest level).

During the initial consultation, the practitioner will conduct a full constitutional evaluation, a detailed personal and medical history and an analysis of your diet, lifestyle, current medications and supplements. A nuanced pulse and tongue diagnosis are an essential part of the consultation as well. There also may be palpation of your abdomen and limbs.

After a Chinese Medical diagnosis has been determined, an herbal formula will be prescribed in the form of teas, pills, tinctures and/or capsules. 

Emotional Release
60 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $100 | Member Pricing • $79

Do you feel you are not living your fullest potential? Most likely your past is holding you back.

Any negative memory or trauma that you have experienced in the past is affecting you and your life TODAY! It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened or even if you don’t remember, those negative memories are stored in your brain causing emotional and physical distresses and in many cases causing or worsening depression, anxiety, insomnia and others mood disorders.

My unique and effective approach combines different somatic techniques that improve our brain functions and relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD.
How does it work?

It’s simple, safe and self-administrated groups of techniques that neutralize and even remove negative memories and its impact. These techniques consistently achieve positive results by rapidly acting on the neurons to enhance the efficiency of the brain. Even better, we can do this without any unwanted side effects.
The results begin from the very first session and increase daily, and the benefits are based on science. Most of my clients reported an immediate improvement in sleep quality, mental clarity, calmness, and more energy overall.

You don’t need to relieve your memories by telling them. Sessions are content-free.
Learn how to heal past wounds and traumas and get rid of the emotional baggage that is holding you back.

Experience the real freedom and start from a blank slate!

Holistic Weight Loss consultation
30 minutes SINGLE SESSION • Free

Our holistic approach evaluates all aspects of your health to find the root cause of weight gain and customize a program to address those imbalances. Weight gain could be a symptom of underlying metabolic imbalances and inefficiencies. Many factors contribute to imbalances in your metabolism - such as environmental toxins, stress, and hormonal issues. Sign up to our FREE Holistic Weight Loss Consultation and learn more about our holistic approach to weight loss. 

Holistic Weight Loss Program
PROGRAM • $890 | one-month contract • $222.50/week

A combination of several integrative therapies designed to address your body, mind and emotions to ensure not only your weight goals but also creating a new lifestyle resulting in long-lasting results.

The Weight Loss Program is a 4-week program, including the following weekly treatments:

• Customized Acupuncture session to address specific health concerns related to weight gain, rebalancing the organs systems, such as digestive and hormonal and improving metabolism.

• Auriculotherapy to stimulate points in the ear that promote appetite control and help regulate food cravings. The insertion of needles on specific points on the body and in the ear release endorphins which have a calming and relaxing effect, making it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety that can trigger overeating.

• Cupping massage to promote detox and lymphatic drainage. Cupping provides a reverse massage action, loosening adhesions or dimpling, improving cellulite and tone for a slimmer body.

• Empowerment coaching and Nutrition counseling to guide you through the diet plan, help implement the program step-by-step into your lifestyle, and most importantly, to motivate and inspire you so you can follow the program successfully.

• A full-body Detox and Drainage kit: Herbal and homeopathic prepared remedies targeted to promote fat loss, appetite control, accelerate metabolism.

• Bach Flower remedies to address the emotional aspects of weight problems such as stress, anxiety and low self- confidence.

Need more information? Sign up to our FREE Holistic Weight Loss Consultation today.

60 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $100 | Member Pricing • $79

Coaching is an extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.  Through the coaching process you will have access to your full potential by changing your thoughts that are holding you back.  

Coaching is a powerful partnership between coach and client, based on trust, empowerment, support and inspiration. When you tap into your full potential is when the magic happens and you can live the life you always want and truly be who you are meant to be. 

The coaching process will also help you find your true passion in life so you will find more meaning in your life, fulfillment, motivation, and energy.

You are more powerful than you think! By tapping into your higher self you will increase your intuition and creativity to find solutions for all your problem.

Feel empowered and achieve your goals! 
You will discover who you really are: "perfect, whole and complete", so you can live in alignment with your truth and by living your purpose, you can feel fulfilled and joyful.

60 minutes SINGLE SESSION • $100 | Member Pricing • $79

Nutrition consultation it is based on educating patients to understand how simple and customized nutrition strategies can optimize their health as a whole. It provides  all tools necessary to support your growth during the process including: 

A one-hour session in person followed by on-line reports from our conversation and customized health recommendations 

  • A Meal Plan Prep Guide Line 
  • Local Grocery Shopping Guide 
  • Nourishing and simple recipes that are easy to incorporate on your routine
  • Current Supplementation evaluation and adjustments (if necessary) 
  • Cooking tips that will help to develop consistent eating habits. 


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You have a lifestyle, shape, color, size and skin type that are all your own. In fact, your size, shape, opinion, skin type and preference for something may change from week to week, from hour to hour, or minute to minute! That is why ALL SERVICES at Apotheque are 100% CUSTOMIZABLE making them just right for your needs, wants and desires at any given moment. Our treatments and products are guaranteed to go beyond your skin, through mindful practices offering authentique results. Choose what best fits your mood at the moment.

Remember, you hold the KEY to your lifestyle!