Apotheque Spa Building History

About our historical building located in
downtown Oceanside.

The Bunker House's origin dates back to the 1800s in downtown Oceanside with a colorful history. After Theodore Bunker erected the building in 1886, it has transformed from a Town Hall, to a boarding house for railroad workers, a music store leasing jukeboxes, and even fell into disrepair as a brothel in the 70s. This building's metamorphic past has adapted and changed with it's community. At The Bunker House Lounge we are bringing the modern Oceanside community together again to eat, drink, enjoy live music, and create new stories to add to this building's vibrant history."


Much like the Schuyler Building, the Bunker House was not taken care of for many years and eventually it fell into disrepair becoming a forgotten building surely destined for demolition. Fortunately, the building was saved from an untimely demise and in 2010 Apotheque Lifestyle Spa took ownership of this important 130+ year old landmark giving it new life and purpose within the downtown community.

The Bunker House serves as the subject of a wonderful juxtaposition between the rows of modern vacation rentals located across the street and Oceanside’s humble beginnings in which such a building was considered the crown jewel of the town. Standing proud closely resembling the original exterior facade, this historical landmark helps keep Oceanside’s initial character at the forefront and helps to ground the city in its roots as it naturally progresses forward as the premier beach destination.

Building Timeline:


The building was built by Theodore Bunker. The first floor was intended for store usage and the upstairs was planned for a hall.Later that same year, the San Diego Union reported that the $3000 building “will be an ornament to the town,” and it was utilized for a Town meeting hall.


Mr. Bunker was unable to repay his debt on the property, and it went back to Mrs. Couts, his financier. (Sounds a lot like today!!) During her ownership the property was utilized as a boarding house for railroad workers.


Mr. Rieke bought the property and added on the back portion of the house. The Riekes became well known builders in Oceanside.


H.J. Crawford bought the building.


It was sold in to George Haddox.


Mr. Haddox sold it to Ralph and Ella Rogers. This lovely couple operated the Rogers Music Co., leasing jukeboxes to local bars throughout the county. They leased the upstairs to boarders. After his retirement from the music business Mr. Rogers named the building the Travelers Hotel.


In later years the building fell into disrepair and was associated with prostitution activities in Oceanside.


The building was abandoned after Rogers passed away.


Rosaline acquires the building and attempts to establish a restaurant, but challenges with the city led her to drop this idea.


The City of Oceanside uses the building for offices.


Apotheque Lifestyle Spa revitalizes the building at 322 N. Cleveland Street bringing new life, positive energy, and wellness to the community of Oceanside.